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Deep Haven Portrait.jpg

Deep Haven

Walnut, Acrylic


“Deep Haven” was inspired by various depictions of King David. The king who has been explored throughout art’s history, often as a warrior, and even at times as a shepherd - but what about David the dancer? David the psalmist? The one who presented a beautiful, painful, and dynamic reality in the Psalms. David did not accept a shallow, or comfortable way of understanding the complexities of our humanity, and instead was present with them while inviting the Creator in. 

making "deep haven"


In the majority of my works I laminate the strips of wood vertically, but with Deep Haven I was interested in exploring the diagonal movement of rainfall and shadow.


The first step in the carving process is to create a gesture of the figure. For this sculpture, movement was the most significant aspect I focused on.


I begin each work with the portrait. Realizing a person's portrait gives the work a breath, allowing a more relational approach to carving. While the body's posture in Contrapposto, I exaggerated the energy and immediacy of the movement in the carving of the fabric.

Check out my progress reels 

a whisper over the waters

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